Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Opinion RE: The Organic Food Debate

A recent study by Stanford University nutritionists is causing an uproar in agriculture.
The study, released earlier this month, concluded that, "nonorganically raised fruits, vegetables, animals and animal products are no less nutritious than organic foods and that they did not have significantly higher residues of pesticides."

Though some may think this is their excuse not to spend that extra cash in the "organic" section, I remain skeptical.

First of all, I utter a big hmm at the word "significantly." Apparently, so does a U.C. Berkeley environmental science professor.

“Their view is very U.S.-centric … they are missing all of the studies done in Germany, which have consistently shown that (organic foods) contain higher vitamin C and antioxidants, which fight free radicals,” professor Miguel Altieri tells The Californian. “It was a very subjective methodology.”

Bell Organics in Draper, UT pride themselves on
sustainably growing and distributing produce.
But if that won't buy your support, why not consider the organic farmers who put extra time and money into ensuring their crops are healthy for you and the environment? Don't they deserve your dollars over the factory farms who intentionally use pesticides?

Currently, the National Agricultural Statistics Service does not collect separate information regarding organic farms, so I am having a hard time dazzling you with numbers, but ethically, I just feel that even though nutrients/pesticides might not be that big of a deal, it's about supporting the farmers who are conscious of what they feed your family, and who are doing their part to preserve the earth for future generations.

What are your thoughts? Will you still buy organic?
**Read a great article about the debate HERE.


  1. You also have to wonder who paid for the study, organic is competing with traditional produce growers. Did they pay for it.?

  2. Exactly.

    I just found an article that points out a few pitfalls to the study: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robyn-o/organic-food-vs-conventio_b_1857802.html