Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mineral Mascara Review.

Does it work?
In my all-mineral makeup routine, the only thing I'm missing is the mascara. So, I finally splurged on a $15 tube of bareMinerals Volumizing Mascara from Sephora, hoping that, given its paraben-/fragrance-free content, it'd be the healthy cure for my blonde eyelashes.

The brush is just right for volumizing, but it does apply a bit clumpy. The best cure for that: A little tip I learned is to do a second coat with a DIFFERENT type of mascara (it actually adds the effect of wearing falsies). So, that's great, but now I need to test out another kind to pair with it. But this tube will do for now. At least I know it's not HORRIBLE for me!

**I did come to find out that this kind flakes as the day goes on. The search for the perfect mineral mascara continues!

The RIGHT eye is wearing mascara. And yes, I know my peepers are RED (I do get up at 3:30 a.m... :)

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