Friday, September 21, 2012

Make Time to Play.


Mara (right) sits me down for a silly-sesh at a media party.

Sometimes grown adults need to bust out their Barbies and Legos - or, kitty ears and oversized geek glasses - and shake out the stress with some SILLY.

One of my besties, Mara, is a power woman. A top dog in Utah business, she runs arguably the most popular local events company (corporate events and weddings). The attention to detail she puts into her events and community service is echoed in her hair and makeup, and high-end ensembles. She looks like she walked right off the runway and into a board meeting.

Yet she knows when to unbutton the blazer and let her hair down more than almost anyone I know. She gets me out to PLAY.

We were invited to the renowned Hotel Monaco's remodel unveiling party the other night. We texted back and forth about going, and decided 'yes' despite our unwashed hair. Mara told me to pick her up early...and when I did, it was a big surprise.

"We have 4 p.m. blowout appointments!" She announces.

Um, hello SPOILED! For an hour, I got to chill out while a stylist slaved away at my impossible-to-do hair that usually takes me hours of sweaty frustration to blowdry and style. Sugar Mama Mara paid for the whole deal, erasing any obligation to this beautiful bit o' pampering.

Cue the fan to make our freshly done manes blow in the wind; we left the car with the valet and sauntered into the ritzy Monaco for the party. Instead of networking (it was the same group of friends we see at every Salt Lake party, anyway), Mara and I spared no laugh nor inappropriate joke as we sipped champagne and ate the hotel restaurant's brand new sushi offerings. We were already fancy free, but when Mara grabbed my hand and dragged me to the photobooth, we got RIDICULOUS.

Photos above show the results of a 20-minute freak fest that included awkward poses, multiple outfit changes and snort-filled laughter over the final pics. I had a blast. It sure beat the workout I had planned for that evening.

The next day at the station, a guest on the show brought The Beat Bus, a party-on-wheels that blasted dance music in the parking lot. My coworkers and I were invited to dance our faces off during the taping of one of our daytime shows, Fresh Living. I could have stayed inside and finished my project, but inspired by Miss Mara, I said, "what the hay," and joined my work friends in a 20-minute Party Rock Shuffle. {DO YOU KNOW LUNCHBREAK DANCING IS BIG IN SWEDEN?}

**Go to 3:22 on this video to see us shakin' it!

After all this play time, I noticed a HUGE spike in my energy and enthusiasm. At work, I got so much done, and not just drone-work, either - I CREATED, put forth energy that even garnered me a few new opportunities.

Running her own business, Mara has more reason to stay glued to her iPhone than anyone, yet she's always the first to initiate female bonding, and push me into the PLAY zone.

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