Sunday, September 16, 2012

If You Really Want It, Have It.

Grandma's cookies. Shipped to me from Reno, NV for my birthday, still fresh and reeking of love. How often do I get a big batch of sugar cookie adoration, steeped in childhood memories, sent right to my door? So, I decided I would eat them.

No diet Nazi today.

I told myself I could have as many as I wanted. And I ate, over the course of the day, maybe 5. Besides an interesting morsel hunger forced me to eat on Nok Air in Thailand, I hadn't had a baked good in..I can't even remember.

I woke up today smiling about the cookies. Not pinching my stomach, wondering if the sugar had settled in to my lovehandles. For breakfast, Chris and I ate our one single egg with a side of fruit and coffee, and we're determined to do a quick workout in a few minutes.

Sometimes, if you really want it, eat it. It could be for the greater good: Saving you from mental lambasting down the road if you secret-snack your craving. As long as you know the difference between "I want this" and "I need this (or) I deserve this," your once in awhile indulgences can be just that.

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