Thursday, September 20, 2012

Give Me a Gold - No, a GREEN - Star.

Being green could be a full-time job. But for me, typically, it's like a freelance project; I intend to do it daily, but some days are definitely more on-task than others. And yesterday was one of those days. Here's why:

Ate local, raw, organic honey.
Supporting the local economy always rocks! Plus, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a nutrient-packed antioxidant that, because of its widely celebrated anti-viral/anti-fungal properties, helps your immune and digestive systems. The "raw" part is thought to be important, too - many reports say the pasteurization process (where a substance is heated up to kill bacteria) kills enzymes and mutates nutrients to the point where your body can't recognize them (and hence, disposes of them as waste).

(Check out this article on how pasteurization changes nutrients.)

Brushed with a compostable toothbrush, using organic tooth paste.
According to, 450 million tootbrushes are landfilled each year. So I bought the world's first compostable toothbrush (pictured above), and it works/looks/feels just like your regular one. Then, my raw/vegan/natural beauty queen of a sister Rachel turned me on to organic tooth polish, which made my mouth come alive with a tingly clean I have never experienced. My gums felt scrubbed and healthy, and my teeth were smooth and shiny!

Find all-natural, flouride-free tooth powder ($15) here.
(Make your own with this recipe.)

NOTE: According to many articles, I noticed Flouride is on the naughty list of toothpaste ingredients. It's called a carcinogen, and might actually make bones and teeth weaker. That's why most natural versions are proud to be "flouride-free."

Washed all my clothes in one load, with all-natural detergent - on COLD - then hung dry.
My clothes, as stuffed into the machine as they were, were no less clean using the natural detergent and cold water, but the hang-dry took some extra effort. But saving some power for the environment was worth it!

Didn't wash my hair, shortening shower time.
Ladies, you don't need to wash your hair every day, especially with the glorious invention of dry shampoo (still yet to find an all-natural one, though). And if you don't want to skip the wash, just turn off the water as you lather and save 150 gallons a month!

My goal is to be so green, that I don't even notice when I do it. But until then, I'm celebrating the little ways I'm making the world, and myself, a little healthier.

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