Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take That, Colgate!

I bought this huge jug of coconut oil yesterday. The health benefits are through the roof, I hear. I can't wait to make beauty products with it!

But I already got to use it for some hygiene. Inspired by the organic tooth polish I used the other day (which contained coconut oil), I read up on its use in oral care. Apparently, coconut's anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties are great for gums, and for keeping tartar and plaque off teeth. It's even a breath freshner!

So, decided to test it out this morning. I put a dab of solid oil on my brush, and it melted with each stroke. After I spit out the excess, my teeth felt smooth and my gums - fresh! I'd add baking soda if it were to be my new main paste, but on its own, I can attest coconut oil is a great refresher!



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