Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bread & Blogger

Chef Tess in the 2News kitchen.
You think you're thrifty; can you live off of $20 a week for groceries? Chef Tess can.

This Arizona-based blogger-turned-Honeyville Farms spokesperson started out as just a mom who wanted to save some cheddar. She made all her meals at home from "bare-bones scratch," she tells me, so - because her grocery list held basics like flour and salt, instead of Cheerios and Haagen-Daas - she was able to get by on just a few bucks a week.

"The [higher-ups] in my ward pulled me aside and said, 'you've got to tell people how you do it! I have husbands in my office crying because their wives are spending $100-$200 a week on food!" She told me in 2News' kitchen, where she had just finished her segment for our daytime show, "Fresh Living." So, she started posting blogs with her simple recipes in an effort to help neighbors save money, too.

Now, she's rollin' in the dough, almost literally. She posts more bread recipes than you know what to do with, many of which have a healthy heart. I was incredibly impressed with her four-ingredient, organic wheat bread, which is so simple, you could "take to Africa," she said.

All that's in it? Kamut flour (organic, wheat), salt, water and yeast.

Slather it with pumpkin butter - which is more like pumpkin jam, I guess - or some chocolate-infused olive oil, and you have yourself a wheat-based Fall treat.

Wheat bread is the slice of life when layered with (left) honey butter, (middle) pumpkin butter and (right) chocolate-infused olive oil.

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