Saturday, September 29, 2012

At-Home Space-Savers Making Our Lives Easier.

In my house post, I talk about how we use every square inch of our house. It's truly the perfect size for us - without ANY wasted space - but we do have to get a little creative storage-wise. 

Our open-plan kitchen/dining room has this little nook in the corner, which we decided would be a perfect spot for a stackable w/d. We talked our former landlord into letting us take his non-working clunker (a BEAST of a machine; our poor movers!), and have since poured hundreds into its revival.  One repairman - his erratic behavior a sign of drug addiction - ran off with our money; another never showed up; another finally told us it wasn't worth fixing. All of this, AFTER I paid $80 to upgrade our home warranty to cover the washer. Grr!

PS - those home warranties are USELESS. Even if what they say they'll cover appeals to you, these policies have so many restrictions in the fine print that you'd be lucky to get a bolt tightened without paying for it. Example: The company told me the washer would be covered with that $80 upgrade, and were fine with the repair when the serviceman thought it was simply a broken dial. But when he realized it was the transmission, the home warranty said that's not part of the deal. AND we had to pay the repairman $60 just for coming out. That's $140 for a whole lot of nothing.

Anyway, it has been WEEKS since we had a working washer, and our bedroom has become a minefield of dirty clothes. Thursday, Chris finally decided he'd had enough. So he worked some magic (I was amazed at how he covered all our bases), and bought a used, compact stackable; convinced the guy to deliver it, set it up, AND haul the old beast away. All for $275! Yeah, I was impressed.

The new unit is SO CUTE. It has a vintage vibe, and seemingly small chambers that yet do big enough loads. And it's incredibly economical when it comes to space. It fits perfectly in our nook, with room to spare! Even though I want to stare at this cute little unit, a $10 tension rod from IKEA and one of Chris' old curtains allows us to conceal it if we decide we don't.

And while we're talkin' space-efficiency, Chris is amazing with putting "systems" in place at our house; making daily activities more efficient through strategic placement, storage, etc. So, when he noticed we were fumbling over the iPod speakers and cords on the dinner table, we needed a system. Check out this simple (but genius!) solution: The shelf is so thin (and only $4 from IKEA), you barely notice it, and its out of the way, yet always within reach.

See that speaker on the shelf under the picture? It makes our life so much easier, without having to buy any extra furniture!
Being economical with space is so satisfying! It's like finding that $169 Michael Kors blazer on clearance for $30 at Nordstrom Rack (that's a true story, too).

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  1. Amanda you guys are amazing and very inspiring!! I have a huge house full of clutter and dust.. I need to downsize.. probably when the kids are out of High School...