Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why I'm "Anti" Anti-Perspirants.

You're daily deodorant is most likely an anti-perspirant, too, where the sweat is not simply deodorized, but stopped altogether. Most anti-perspirants contain aluminum, which is listed as a poison on the National Poison Control Center's registry. Aluminum has also been linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer, with some reports blaming anti-perspirants specifically for barricading hormones from leaving the body through underarm axillary lymph nodes. 

It makes sense to me. Sweat is a way to release toxins from the body (as well as keep you cool), so why would you want to mess with that? In my mind, the more detox I can get, the better, which is why I ditched anti-perspirant altogether about six months ago.

The first week and a half was a little smelly. I kept my arms close to my body so others wouldn't be offended by my Au-naturale scent. This was a good sign, though, because my body was obviously letting go of all the dammed-up toxins once blocked by my Secret stick. (You'll be glad to know I mostly masked my musk thanks to essential oils).

After the underarm detox, I started using a natural deodorant. Now, many deodorants are just fine because they don't stop you from sweating, they just perfume you up. So go ahead and swipe! Organic, of course, is always better.

Also, don't be afraid to sweat. I found that as soon as I ditched the anti-perpirant, my body didn't have to fight so hard to push out toxins, so my sweat actually reduced. Diet also plays a role; I've heard a minimal intake of animal products means your body has fewer toxins to push out.

NOTE: The (vegetarian) Krishnas believe that if you also abstain from onion and garlic, you won't ever have body odor.

I've also noticed I buy deodorant FAR LESS than when I was hooked on anti-perspirants. I've been using the same spray for six months.

**I personally stand by the mineral salt Spray Mist by Naturally Fresh. It's kept me in society all summer. And if I know I'll be exerting extra effort, I'll dab on a Goddess Oil fragrance.

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