Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Water is Worth the Weight.

...or at least more complicated than you think.

I used to weigh myself everyday. In fact, Mr. Jones and I have a scale sitting -quite prominently - in our bathroom. But, while a scale's a fine enough tool to help gauge your health, it should not be your main body mass barometer.

Case in point: This weekend, Chris and I got SUPER sick. Puking our guts out for hours on end. And this was after a weekend of healthy eating. So, after completely emptying my stomach, all that I put back into it over the next 24 hours was maybe 16 ounces of water, one Jamba Juice, half a V8, and a few saltines.

Post-plague weigh-in: 144.5 pounds. Down LBS. Sweet! Right?


Though I was technically lighter, I felt heavy with the knowledge that two cups of water in two days just does NOT cut it. ESPECIALLY when I'm used to drinking 60-90 ounces (you should, too)! And this is kind of TMI, but I use my urine color as a hydration gauge, and what I saw Monday morning made me gasp.

So, my point is, when every system in our bodies depends on water, we need to drink a lot of it. And it's not weightless. In fact, WATER ACCOUNTS FOR AN AVERAGE OF 60% OF YOUR BODY WEIGHT. In my case, I would so much rather be weighed down with water, and feel energized and lush and vibrant, than skip the chug-a-lug, get dehydrated, lose the ability to flush out toxins...and maybe lose a few L-Bs.

*Yo, and if you must take that scale number seriously, get the device with a built-in body water percentage calculator!

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  1. No TMI worries ‘cause medical and healthy people check their urine. I wig out too when mine is dark. Water is a delicious friend and quenches my thirst more than ever. ★
    ps. I LOVE your blog friend…