Monday, August 27, 2012

Let the (Organic) Nesting Begin.

Mr. Jones and I moved into our new house this weekend. First of all, we chose a house that had JUST enough space (our agent agreed, saying, 'anything over 1700 square feet is just ego'). We wanted to keep it simple. You know, we enjoy going out to eat, traveling, etc., so we wanted a low mortgage and a place that keeps a low profile environmentally. We love it!

Second of all, I became loaded with ambition to re-stock with organics. After "greening" my beauty routine (I'll tell you about that in another post), now it's time to get the household stuff up to snuff. So, welcome the replacements:

New Whirlpool Refrigerator, Sears

Upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient appliance is going to save us money on our utility bill, as well as reduce our home's overall footprint. All the other appliances in the house are new, so we're saving big! Also, we got a fridge with a built-in water dispenser, so we never have to buy bottled water again (not like we do anyway, but just sayin'). It was a cool grand to buy, but so worth it in the long run.

Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent, Smith's

They say whatever goes down your drain, ends up in your drinking water, so I'm down with the all-natural (which means NOTHING in terms of food, but something in terms of cleaning products) ingredients of this solution. No toxic chemicals to poison water or irritate your skin, but it's non-animal-derived enzymes still put the pain on stains. I just feel good about this stuff.

Clorox GreenWorks Compostable Wipes, Smith's

The real green thumb would shun disposable ANYTHING, but I'm still an organic amateur who is used to some form of convenience. So until I ditch the throw-aways for a good old fashioned rag and spraybottle, I'll use these. At least they can go in the "green" bin when you're done, without adding any harsh chemicals into the earth..? I know, still not great, but like getting fit, progress is one step at a time.

Waste Organizer Bin, IKEA

A separate slot for waste, recyclables and compost? I feel so European! I ditched the big ol' trashcan for this baby, which makes recycling easy. And because of its small size, I am more conscious about what I throw away (because that means an extra trip to the big bin once it's full). And it just takes the "maybe" out of "should I recycle this?"

So...when I get my organic workshop up and running in our super-awesome garage, I'll be sure to make the homemade versions of these products (thank you, Pinterest!).

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  1. I've told you before but I have to tell you again. The stuff I sell, norwex, is amazing. Rags you only use water to clean with and they clean better than anything. Amazing. I don't even buy paper towels anymore or any cleaning products at all and I have 2 little kids. I'm happy to meet up with you and show you. We need to get together anyway. I'm not just trying to sell them promise. :) You will love them.