Monday, August 6, 2012

Destination: Right Here.


Ah. This feels right. A place where all my interests can chill on the porch, sip a light beer and B.S. about all their cool, little qualities. You see, with my background in journalism, I'm used to assignments, and though I've always managed to sneak in my preferred story topics, I've never had a place where it can be all this sweetness, all the time.

My life has evolved from a skeletal one with only career in mind, into a quest for self-improvement and discovery. In the second half of 2011, I started eating clean (I THOUGHT I was eating healthy, but nah - I kicked it up, for real), staying fit in the form of Bikram yoga at least four times a week (I lost 15 pounds!), and writing my thoughts into this overworked little Mac. Now, these are all things I realize, I enjoy. ENJOY. Before this shift, the concept of doing the things I actually enjoyed - versus pretending to whole-heartedly love work or burying myself in daily dinners for the husband - was foreign to me. But I woke up. I figured out that by doing these things I enjoy, I felt more "myself." More "present." Then I realized that I am the only one who can change my life, and also, LIFE is MEANT TO BE CHANGED! Ruts are just like they are in real life - if you hit one, you need to swerve in a new direction. So I took my own (out of nowhere) advice, and changed EVERYTHING.

Biggest change? I left my high school sweetheart, crossing the finish line at just over 10 years of being best friends. I was fortunate to quickly find a different kind of love, where it doesn't stop at friendship (ahem - HEAD OVER HEELS, anyone?) I started living the life that I wanted to live. Riding bikes. Making my own organic lotion. Trying out vegetarianism. Going to concerts. Practicing an open mind.

So here it is. A record of me living my life as Amanda Brooke Chamberlain wants to live it: As a constant experiment; as a conductor of change. Furthermore, as the only captain of this life, I will ever strive to leave a positive impact on the people I meet, and do my best to do the same for the environment. I welcome you here with gratitude and love, and am so excited to share with you my mad, wonderfully amateur discoveries.

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